At Project 100 a Picture Says a Thousand Words

At Project 100, a Picture Says a Thousand Words

Project 100 Story Book
Photo Credit – Vivian Truong


A traditionalist would say that business cards are the mini billboards that get your foot in the door, but here at Project 100 we think outside of the box. Instead of purchasing our normal order of business cards, we decided to take a leap and create a storybook that tells the story of our business, what we do, and how we do it.

Our storybook “business cards” perfectly sum up what we have to offer: a marketing team with the ability to work on any special project, big or small. We like the challenging ideas. We like the creating something specifically for you and your vision. We like starting from scratch and getting our hands dirty to build your business into what you want it to be!

Next time you order a business card, think bigger! Whether it’s a storybook or a mini portfolio, there are tons of ways to make your business stand out. We’re also making use of NFC, or barcode, technology that allows our customers to have an experience with our brand before they even try our services.

Don’t forget we’re here to help! We can help design your business card, storybook, or experience! We want every one of our clients to think big so we can give them big results.


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