GO TEAM! Why We Chose to Be a Team and Not an Agency

GO TEAM! Why We Chose to Be a Team and Not an Agency

When you start any business, you ask yourself exactly what you want from it. Do you want to make money, help people, or both? Do you want to create something that’s the norm or something that’s entirely new? All of these questions are important to answer, but for some figuring out the processes of how the business works is the most difficult question of all.


Why We Chose Team Work

For us it was an easy question to answer. Here at Project 100, we believe team work makes the dream work. Becoming an agency was out the of the question for us because we know the importance of keeping a team-like atmosphere.


In your traditional agency, you would find your marketing being handled by various people, making it hard to get anything up or down the line. Not only do you not converse with these individuals directly, they often don’t share the same vision that you do. With Project 100, you get what you see: a team that specializes in creating something great that also knows what it feels like to have an idea that makes your heart skip a beat!


Why Does Our Team Work?

As a team, we all work together to get you exactly what you want, every time. We specialize in special projects, and we expect our team to work together to get it done.


As a team, we communicate. We work alongside each other regularly, so we know how one another works and what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are. We know that without everyone playing towards the same goal, that failure is inevitable. That’s why we chose our teammates wisely.


Why Team Marketing is Better Than an Agency

Our team is the perfect fit for your new idea, your rebranding, or your huge project you don’t know how to tackle. We’ve all been there with an idea that we struggled getting on its feet, so we know how important it is to have help along the way. That’s why we chose to come together as a team of professionals with different skill sets to tackle any obstacle in front of us!


Trust Our Team

Big marketing agencies do things the same way, every time. They sell you things you don’t really need and rely on employees that don’t have the same vision as you. At Project 100, we know how important it is to get things done right the first time. Your business is not a joke to us; we take every project on like it’s our very own.


If you want something made just from scratch or just want real advice from real entrepreneurs, we’re the team for you! Don’t stick with the traditionalists, when you were meant to be individualistic. Ask us how we can help you get started on your next project!

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