Flat Design Is Making Round Flat and It’s Good

 Flat Design Is Making Round Flat and It’s Good

The internet is saturated with website design ideas and trends that come and go. This leaves people either confused or riding a seesaw, going up and down as the wind takes them.

But can you really afford to switch designs as quickly as the trends that come and go? Even if you can, it might not be a good idea in terms of brand recognition, awareness and consistency. The last thing you want is to take your clients through a roller coaster ride. This is why it’s important to choose one design and stick with it.One website layout that is making a comeback is flat design. It takes a minimalist approach to web

One website layout that is making a comeback is flat design. It takes a minimalist approach to web design, and focuses more on usability and functionality. This doesn’t mean, however, that styles and colors are being sacrificed to keep a website looking clean and simple.


2013 was the year when flat design quickly rose in popularity and for good reasons.

  • It provides clean and tasteful visuals, without the unnecessary distractions.
  • It is the ideal foundation for responsive frameworks, because it is not only easy to manipulate to accommodate different screen sizes, but also offer faster load times.
  • It is easy to provide clear visual hierarchy with flat design for easy browsing.
  • It works with both vibrant and simple color palettes, although modern flat designs call for simple and monochromatic color scheme.
  • It provides a structured layout where bold lines and shapes take center stage. The clean typography makes it easy to navigate through the website.
  • It is readable, what with the textual style devoid of unnecessary frills and ornaments.

But with everything simple and straightforward, flat design may come off as boring and flat. On the contrary, it is beautiful and practical.

Why bother with design aspects that may not serve a purpose at all, or may serve as a distraction from what your website is really all about? It may not have flashy design or a range of colors, but the right choice of imagery, architecture and color scheme makes a minimalist design quite attractive. But the real highlight is that it makes a layout quick to grasp.

Two good examples are Numbrs and Inky. From the homepage alone, you’ll know exactly what the website is all about, but you still want to dig some more and browse through each site to get more information. They’re both simple, yet powerful enough to make visitors want to stay and linger.

Of course, flat design isn’t perfect. No one website layout is.

Despite its seemingly simple look, it’s not as easy to create. Due to the limited space available to a designer, they have the difficult task of choosing with care each element to be added. Otherwise, a flat design will definitely fall flat, and that’s something no website designer wants to happen.

They must also face the challenge of ensuring visitors and website users don’t get confused between what’s clickable and what’s not.

Used right, flat design can work to your advantage. What is important is that you focus more on functionality than aesthetics.

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